The Detour Continues…

As mentioned last week, we’ve put a small pause on reviewing the Real History of the World with Methuselah Jackson due to my travels in Ghent. Firstly for martial arts training, and secondly because adventures are the breeding ground for characters and stories!

I’m a few days in, have a good number of training hours in the bag, and at this point observations have begun surfacing to the top of my mind like those little marshmellows that float to the top of a good hot chocolate…

If (like me) you plan to walk the city of Ghent.. then you need to know:

Geography can be really exciting. Every now and again, it delivers exceptional performance and delights us in novel and exciting ways. Take the Northern lights, for example, or (back in South Africa) the Cape Point – the actual place on the globe where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic kiss, splitting the world’s oceans in shades of pale and dark blue. So, sometimes nature conspires to deliver, whether we had actually planned for it or not.

But back to Ghent – how does nature enthrall us in this cozy city? Well;

1. Ghent is windy.
2. Winter in Ghent is cold.
3. Ghent has a lot of rivers.

If you tie these three cords together you get a solid, tightrope fact: the wind coming off the rivers in Ghent, in winter, is balls cold!  (Dress warm, and take gloves)

The one thing that warmed me, was that the awaited-interview with Selena from New-in-books that went out as expected on the 5th of December! There were some interesting, light-hearted questions that I really enjoyed answering, you can find it here

I’m travelling back home this weekend, and I’ll probably drop a bit more about the trip in the next blog before we move back to Methusela, as he guides us through the Real History of the world. As always, feel free to drop a comment or reach out via my social media channels!


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