Showcasing the work of

Lance Horsman

Author – Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal

- Dani R

“What an adventure!! Every character, from “The Family”. to the bad guys they faced and the people they freed, touched my heart in some way and made me care about their journey and fate – not an easy thing to achieve so quickly.

I was completely sucked in from page one; I found the storyline interesting, the characters relatable, their motives believable, and the action entertaining. I especially enjoyed the exploration of concepts like the cost of magic, the rules that govern it, and the very thin (subjective!) line that separates good from evil in its use.

Because of this book, I look around each day and see little bits of magic and it always makes me smile. Loved it, definitely deserves all the stars in this rating!”

G. W

“What a book!  From the first chapter, you are pulled into the world of magic! Deep characters and powerful storytelling keep you hooked and wanting more! Part one of an epic journey that I cannot wait to complete!”

Karin DP

“I loved the fresh, bold storytelling and the way the world is populated with real-life settings and events, not to mention the fiery characters…such fun! Bad medicine is filled with adrenaline, and left me wanting more!”