In the beginning…

So, ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ is a classic Studio Ghibli movie, and one of my favorite scenes is where Satsuki (The 10 year old girl) offers her umbrella to Totoro the giant ,furry, nature spirit. It’s a really cute scene, but I also love it because the way I see it, stories need a place to live too, and if I’m the one who gets to help with an umbrella so they don’t get wet in the rain, well… I’m okay with that.  Now you know why I started this blog.

My first book, Bad Medicine, kicks off the Rules of Magic series.  It follows a team of mages (known as the family) as they battle Navajo undead, crime covens, spirit creatures and a full-blown demon lord.  As they do this, they uncover an ancient arm-wrestle for an artefact that could change life as we know it, and are sucked into a journey that’s bigger, more dangerous, and crazier than anything they could have imagined.

If – like me – you love fantasy, urban fantasy, roleplaying, history and looking at the world through your own lens, then watch this space!

Yesterday I wrote a scene where a villain, Italian Grandmaster mage Vittorio, cast a Dark Whispers curse on our team, The Family. As a backdrop, they’re in a massive showdown atop the Temple of the Magician in Uxmal, Mexico (on the Yucatan peninsula), and our heroes have come through hell and back to stay in the fight.  Dark Whispers is from the pit of the inferno, where shadows shroud your heart and mind, causing your fears to overwhelm you.  While that is happening, the curse constricts your lungs, until eventually, you can no longer breathe, so you die in terror and panic, alone and fearful.  It is an awful curse and, hopefully, they should (mostly) survive!  (No spoilers here!)

This scene is part of the finale of book 2 – Court of Fey.  Book 1, Bad Medicine, is available by pre-order as E-book or paperback on Amazon, just check the pricing according to your region – standard orders open up on Friday the 27th of October, just in time for a weekend-reading binge.

Do you have any questions? Interested to know more about the Rules of magic? Let me know in the comments, or if you like you can email me HERE . Also follow my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK posts for updates, news, cut-scenes, and commentary that, at the very least, I have a good laugh at… Being able to laugh at your own jokes is a thing, right?


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