But seriously…why?

So, by the time you get this, Court of Fey (for the newcomers, that’s book two in the series) will be completely edited, and in the layout process for publishing.

I expect that it will be released over the next two or three weeks, along with an AWESOME and special surprise – TV Future; a detective noir novella set in a dystopian future, featuring a dysfunctional hero. It’s gory, it’s funny, the hero swears way too much and he is has some serious anger control issues…Look out for both this and Court of Fey, coming soon!

Also, I think it’s a good time to mention that Court of Fey is almost 50% longer than Bad Medicine, there is more intrigue, conflict and world building.  More magic, more mayhem, and our Characters go through STUFF!  It’s a rollercoaster ride and all I can say (NO SPOILERS – Promise) is that I love my characters, I really do…

A bit more about Court of Fey and TV Future in upcoming posts, and obviously, the obligatory ad campaigns – so keep your eyes peeled and your wallets warm!

Who out there has seen the Roadhouse remake with Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor?  I haven’t, and I’ll tell you why – I loved the first movie, and according to its status as the most watched film on cable in 2020 (21 years after is release), everyone else did too. It’s cult status was well deserved.  I thought Patrick Swayze was cool (everyone did, back in the day), Sam Elliott was his deep-voiced, mentor-ish best and Kelly Lynch was the most desirable doctor a small town could every hope to have.  The hero did Taiichi and ripped out the throats of bad guys and his mentor had the most macho limp in cinema history.  Ok, maybe I’m over-pegging it a bit here, but basically, it was really good, oozed ego and charisma in volumes, and in my opinion it didn’t need a remake.

So why do it?  It’s not like its an effect-driven film that could do with a remake because the newer technology could make it more dazzling and spectacular, or could land the fantasy scenes closer to the book. I’m sure that Jake Gyllenhaal plays a great role because he is an unbelievable actor, and I’m certain that Conor McGregor will be a great villain given his natural spate of villainous performances in the ring **and** on social media.  If you really want to see them together in a movie, then write one for them and call it Road Fight (or whatever the hell you want to), but why take stuff that is a part of the lexicon of our youth and grind it up to churn it out like movie-sausage for cash?  That’s not cool.

Anyway – more exciting book news soon, don’t watch the Roadhouse remake, and most importantly…

Keep well, and keep reading!


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