Bad Medicine is Published!

And…it’s out! Woohoo!!! On Friday, 27 October 2023 our publication went live. Thank you to those of you who have bought my book so far, and even more thanks to those of you who have left reviews.

Keep spreading the word…tell everyone that you have found your next best Urban Fantasy series!

I’ll keep you updated on book two’s progress next week; for now, I’m arm wrestling with how much gory fluid a nauseating, toxic, disease-ridden, tentacle beast from hell can actually disgorge in one scene. How much is too much, anyway? As it turns out, opinions vary…

I will also start doing some bits from Methuselah Jackson’s ‘The Real history of the world’ (as promised). I’m having loads of fun plotting the (mostly real) history of the world through his lens! Over the next few weeks I’ll be dropping some excerpts, diagrams and bits and pieces for what I think will be an epic backdrop to the larger story arc.

But as cool as that all is, it all started with Bad Medicine and a small town in Colorado… make sure you buy book 1!

Speak soon…


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