Are you ready for Book Two?

Wowsers, what a week! I finally finished the edits on Book 2 – Court of Fey, landed the new cover for Bad Medicine (see the in-post image, isn’t it grand?), excited to have gotten it all going along with some cool ad campaigns and promos.

Also, I finished off a truly horrific scene for Book 3, set just outside Babylon almost 4000 years ago, involving fiends diabolical and characters whimsical in a gory set of horror-esque battle scenes, and ending in the culmination of an eternal romance…well, sort of.

Anyway, you’ll have to wait until I’m done to get it! Hopefully not too long. I pipped 40 000 words this week – At this rate, I could have the third book out by May, meaning the first trilogy (aka the Colorado Sequence) of Rules of Magic series will be DONE! The second trilogy – the Arthurian sequence -plays with some really cool themes from legend. I can’t wait to write it further and see how our favourite set of characters grow as the series unfolds.

Last week I mentioned the Rivers of London and Swyvers roleplaying games and promised to comment a bit more. So, I played the Rivers of London solo adventure, designed to showcase the rules system and give an easy intro for newbies. It’s based on the d100 system of Call of Cthulhu (which I have played in a hazy, distant past), which I feel really suits the high danger and extreme character risk that players go through in Cthulhu. I also think it suits Rivers of London, and I had a load of fun playing the solo adventure, even if it could have been put together a little better and the story could have been developed a bit further. It felt a like a really good idea with rushed execution. That said, totally worth it!

Keep an eye out on social media (and further newsletters) for news about the upcoming release of book 2: Court of Fey! There will be specials!

Keep real, keep reading!


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