Alternate history, anyone?

So this week, I get to pose a longtime held theory of mine… It’s my blog, so I suppose I get the right, as long as its interesting (I think it is) and related to fantasy (I think it is).

So here we go…

It is no longer a disputed fact that humanity moved through various iterations of human types over the past three hundred thousand years. This includes the Ogre like Homo Neanderthalensis, the Hobbit like Homo floriensis, the Powerful and stocky Denisovans, and off course, the tallest, most slender and arguably, most intelligent of all, the Homo Sapien. For thousands of years, these related sub-species of humans co-existed, interbred, fought, traded and interacted.

This means, our distant ancestors carried knowledge of other species with unique and separate traits, and in the same way that fear of the dark, snakes, spiders, cockroaches were passed down to us, so has our knowledge of the sub-species of humans. This means that when we leap across the darkened lounge at night, as a scuttling bug brushes our foot, this combination of inherited fears could bring with it a larger inheritance than simply knowledge of things that go bump in the night.

So why is this significant? Because everybody loves Tolkien, that’s why. When J.R.R. Tolkien writes of elves, Dwarves, hobbits, every one goes…hmmm, ok, and carries on reading as though its logical and sound. When every culture has myths of distinctly separate beings with different cultures and genetic traits, then it does seem to make sense that at some level, there is a memory passed on via DNA, oral tradition, folk stories and songs, that hearken back to a time 30 000 years ago, when other species of man walked the planet with us.

In a sense, we could say that the creatures of our fantasies are real and once existed…Our far-flung ancestors just knew them by another name!

On the Rules of Magic series, Book 2: Court of Fey is at the Editor and we have had an interesting debate around my casual use of grammar, and how fast could a superhuman, Japanese fox spirit slice with a katana anyway? Beyond that, book 3: The Curse of the Goddess, is 17 000 words in, and like a small human clan hiding out in caves from marauding bands of Neanderthals, it is growing nicely!

Don’t forget that book 2, Court of Fey is coming out at the end of Feb – it’s longer, it’s bigger, it has more magic, more evil creatures, more intrigue and more exciting world building!

Speak soon!


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