Have you heard of the Cradle Series?

So…another week flies by at the speed of light…as you get older, weeks get shorter, beards get longer and naps become an essential part of a social schedule! I read the other day that the defining line between chlidhood and adulthood is the fundamental approach to sleep.  When you are a child, you hate sleeping…  when you’re an adult, you love it!

But, I digress.  Last week was a record week for me, I knocked out just under 13 000 words!  If I can keep that up (highly unlikely), book three will be done in a matter of five or six weeks (it’s already at 26000 words) and I have a great short story narrated by Cassiopeia as she relates an episode from her past and that’s probably 40% done.  What was fantastic about that, was the quality was spot on and will require very few edits! For those who’ve read Bad Medicine and just can’t contain their excitement, Book 2 – Court of Fey – is at the editor and we have had our first catch-up session which was interesting and enlightening, given her remarkable attention to detail and my seeming persistence to ignoring it.

This week, I encourage you to check out one of my favourite authors (also an Indie author) by the name of Will Wight.  I have read 18 of his books, 15 of which are in the Cradles series, and he is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to make an animated TV series based on his Cradle series of books. He is a really entertaining author and a top class guy who loves interacting with his fan community – in fact, he’s a bit of an inspiration for me!  So below is the link to his kickstarter where you can check out what they’re doing (and contribute if you want) and also, there is a link to Amazon where he is GIVING AWAY the first three books in the Cradle series FOR FREE!

They are martial arty, king-fu chi, world building, character levelling, sci-fi, manga-ish anime fun!  Really, they are.



In the meantime I hope to have finished an absolutely EPIC fight scene set on the banks of the Orinoco river where creatures out of Viking myth take on Mayan priestesses, drug syndicates, a Greek water nymph, a Bear Mage, and of course Odelia, the were-bulldog!  There’s so much mayhem… It’s glorious!

Until next week.


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