Where in the world is Robert Kirk??

Welcome to the Blog…. We all know I’m a history guy, so you need to cut me some slack when I wax lyrical about the lessons of history; the synchronicity of events that string together to form a rope that ends up looping a noose around the neck of some evil tyrant, or the piling on of history, legend, myth and social memes to leave behind a story that has meaning, if only we know where to look.

Like Robert Kirk. A Scottish pastor who recorded the folk and fairy tales of his parishoners. He compiled his findings in a book by the awesome name of ‘The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies’ and in 1692, died – a year after finishing his manuscript. Rumors amongst the locals spread that he hadn’t actually died at all, but had been abducted by fairies who were unhappy that he’d revealed their secrets.

Interestingly, in February 1692 a solar eclipse was seen across most of the world, and in March the infamous Salem witch trials began in the US.

Kirk was unable to publish his manuscript before he died, but the Manuscript was eventually taken up by the renowned Scottish Novelist Walter Scott who published it in 1815.

Also in 1815, Napoleon escaped the isle of Elba and was eventually defeated at Waterloo after a series of running battles across Europe. The conflict between America and England finally came to close and the treaty of Ghent was ratified.  In what was a year of true upheaval around the world, The Ottomans were defeated in Serbia and their hold was loosened in Eastern Europe, beginning the shifting of a world map that would eventually result in the first world war 100 years later.

Not to be forgotten, was the explosion of mount Tambora in the Dutch East Indies that killed 92000 people and spread such a pall of gas compounds into the air that it created a volcanic winter, and the following year (1816) was known as the year without summer, with crop failures and famine across the entire Northern Hemisphere.

If one did believe in fairies, then I would say they seem to take a stance of snitches get stitches, and publish their details at your peril!

Fast forward another 188 years and enter the Spiderwick Chronicles. A series of 5 children’s books published over 2003 and 2004 about Arthur Spiderwick, a chronicler of the fairy world who was captured by the fairies after he had captured all of their secrets in his book ‘The Field guide’. Three more books were written over 2007 to 2009 and a movie came out in 2008 that I really enjoyed.  Clearly a homage to the works of Robert Kirk.

However, 2004 won the prize of the deadliest natural disaster of modern times with the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake setting off the Boxing day Tsunami that left a death toll of close to 230 000 people in its wake. The year the original Spiderwick Chronicles were complete. In 2008, the world collapsed into its largest global economic recession since the great depression of the 1930’s – The same year as the Spiderwick movie came out!

Now it may all be coincience, and I may just be weaving a thread through events like the Norns weave all of our fates into an ongoing strand, but still – I’m not snitching on fairies!


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