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As it turns out, the journey of a self-publishing author is quite something.  Bills to pay, dogs to feed and a heavy oriental weapon habit to keep at bay, and here I am running from corporate office-topia into a world where words magically transform into cash.

That said, there really is something incredible about actually chasing your dream.  The unbelievable sense of satisfaction when I drop 1000 words of fantasy action, and my patient and much-loved test readers turn and look at me with wonder in their eyes…like…how?

So, in light of the love that I have for my characters, the world they’re in, and all of these cool questions that keep popping up in my head (like whack-a-mole on crack,) I’ve started an interesting piece of work showcasing the world through the eyes of Methuselah Jackson, a fellow of the Society of Merlin, and its Chief Curator, as he explains the magical universe to us regular folk.

I’ll put the first few hundred words out on the next blog…don’t forget, Bad Medicine comes out on 27 October 2023, and will be available for around $3.99 on Amazon (that’s the Kindle version. Your region may affect the price and end-currency – thanks for managing that, Amazon – and paperback copies can be ordered at the relevant price).  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download one of Amazon’s free reading apps. Pre-orders are open, and these reading apps work on basically anything, so now you don’t have any more excuses.


  1. Ez

    Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Lance

      It’s on its way Ez!!!


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