Court of Fey

Book 2, Book 2, Book 2! Court of Fey is coming!

In anticipation of screaming Banzai, raising a thousand victories, and punching excitedly in the air, let me first acknowledge the Japanese adage ‘Dan dan jouzu ni natte kuru yo!’ – You get better as time goes by…Because Court of Fey is the perfect follow on to Bad Medicine!

It is longer, explores the world more deeply, has more action, comedy, tragedy and in my (humble) opinion is a far better book. Character arcs bloomed, villainy got more horrific, threats grew and the cast of characters expanded. It was a lot harder to write in some respects, and easier in others. Bad Medicine, the first book, was written on a wave of excitement – the drive to get my first book published, see how my characters will grow and how the ultimate plot will take root. The second book, Court of Fey was a labour of real effort. Life kicked in, work was crazy, family illness, I went into hospital for scopes, was still trying to market Bad Medicine, keeping the dojo running…all in all, it was a crazy time. It gave me an opportunity to hone my craft, and lean into my incredible support team in book publishing, and in life.

Then I left my job to write full time. This was a liberation for me, but also scary, as the income from books (especially new, self-published ones) is a precarious thing indeed! I think that Court of Fey captures the grind, the fears and some of those hardships. It also shines with worthwhile perseverance, pulses with a heartbeat of love and roars with hard-earned victory, things that lie in the heart of every novelist.

So Book 2 in the Rules of Magic series; Court of Fey, will be live on Thursday 25 April, 2024.  If anyone on my emailing list are able to leave a review on Amazon (you need to meet their review requirements) then I would be happy to send you an ARC-copy (Advanced reader copy) for FREE so you could read it and leave a review. If you are keen, please let me know at: – unless we have already spoken via some other forum.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride, so be prepared!


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