Animated vs Live Action… what’s your take?

Another Newsletter looms, and here I sit, typing away, Bulldog snoring like a lumberjack, Great Dane licking her leg like it’s the apocalypse outside and she’s got the very last piece of KFC.

Some good news is that I am 38000 words through book three in the Rules of Magic series – Curse of The Goddess. Currently, our heroes are getting a flashback (no spoilers here) of a time in early Babylon, when it was still a small city, struggling to become the superpower it would eventually turn into.  It’s first king Sin-Muballit, the father of the very famous Hammurabi, originator of the code of Hammurabi that codified justice and law into the fairest dimension it had ever been in human history, is on the throne and seeking to raise his kingdom of Amorites against their Sumerian overlords, who had been eminent for thousands of years.  It’s such an epic, rich tableau to play out magic and conquest on a grand scale!  I’m having a blast.  Did you know that Sumerian mathematics worked off a base number of 60, as opposed to our metric system, that works of a base of 10? Ain’t history grand?

I also thought It would be worthwhile weighing in on a topic that I have been thinking a fair amount on lately.  So, the latest Avatar series has come out on Netflix.  It is the live action remake of the famous and much loved (And rightly so!) animated series. I was looking forward to it with massive excitement, but my best friend wasn’t really – he reckoned he was done with live action remakes, because what was the point?  If the animated was good, then surely it’s good and wouldn’t need a live-action remake as the animated version can stand on its own.

It took me to see the disappointment of the first episode to realize that he was right.  I think there is still a prevailing attitude that it isn’t real, or realized as a complete and tangible piece of work, unless it has real people acting in front of a camera.  This is a viewpoint that I don’t agree with.  I absolutely LOVE studio Ghibli stuff and think it should never, ever become a live action.  They are their own form of art and they have their own legacy and beauty and charm.  So do the Disney classic animated movies, and so does the Avatar series.  Unless there is something woefully missing from the animated version that live action would genuinely resolve, I think we need to start allowing the animated series and movies we love to remain exactly what they are, without a live-action remake.

I have been checking out some cool roleplaying games  – The Rivers of London RPG, based on the Cthulhu percentile dice system, (I like this, because I am a big fan of Ben Aaronovitch, Author of the Rivers of London, Urban Fantasy series) as well as Swyvers, ( A dark medieval based fantasy heist game) which as the most unique magic system where spells get resolved with a deck of cards!  I’ll tell you more about it next week!

Until then Keep it real, and keep reading!



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